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Living the Life

The Olympic Moment

The 2010 Winter Olympics are over. No matter which country or who you were cheering for, it was two weeks of exceptional athleticism, spirit, and drama. Whether it was the mysteries of curling or biathlon, the grace and beauty of ice skating, the inherent dangers of luge and aerial , the Olympics gives us the chance to share in that moment of glory. You can see it in the athlete’s eyes when the record gets broken, the landing is solid and most especially when the medal is hung and the anthem is

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Living the Life

When in Rome

Living in a city means living amongst others and dealing with their attitudes, manners and habits. As an expat (or if you’ve traveled) you’ll know that what may be common and acceptable in one city or country can be frowned upon in

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People Places and Things

Guardians of the City

New York City is a city of skyscrapers. Many of these have decorative details and flourishes that are just part of the landscape. When you explore the city, don’t forget to look up. Don’t forget to look down too as you need to watch where you’re

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City Essentials

A Friend in Need

As children, making friends seem easy. Parents and teachers encourage it and you meet people your age all the time on the playground or at school. As an adult, and in a new city, things are not so simple. You’re the expat and natives have their established roots and social cliques. People tend to live within their own circles and routines; making changes require

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