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Snow Day

Weather. Everyone talks about it, complains about it, and sometimes even enjoys it. In winter, probably the happiest words for any kid other than Christmas and Halloween are “snow day”. Of course it’s all a matter of perspective and latitude.

It seems logical that the Great White North should get lots of snow but as people who live in Buffalo can tell you, they have Toronto beat for inches/centimeters. Similarly, for a city used to frequent and heavy snowfalls like Boston or Chicago, shutting down the city when there’s a few inches on the ground is a little excessive — just ask the Obamas, though it looks like Washington D. C. will be getting more than a few inches.

Snow scene

Fresh snow http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_fabulous/3908276/page2/

Weather is one of those things that no one has any control over and everyone has to live through. People often have the impression that Canada is a frozen wasteland where citizens wear arctic gear and drive snow mobiles (or sled dogs). Yes, there are times when such equipment is necessary but then the temperature can dip pretty far in the American Mid-West too.

In reality, there is about a 5 degree (Celcius) difference in temperature between New York and Toronto. So if it rains in New York, it often does snow in Toronto. People adapt, they bundle up, slog on, and no, Toronto doesn’t usually grind to a halt when there’s a few inches on the ground.

Every time a major snowfall is predicted, there’s the news clip showing people out buying bags of salt, shovels and  food in preparation. (Salt and food get used up, but what happened to the shovel from the previous snow? Winter does happen every year.) Since I live in an apartment building, pass the roasted chestnuts and the cocoa and have a happy snow day.


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