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Food for Thought

Meat and Potatoes

Every country and culture has its favorite staples when it comes to food: rice in Asia, corn in Mexico and South America, pasta in Italy, potatoes in Europe and America. Until fairly recently, meat was not considered a staple. Meat was a luxury (and still is in many parts of the world) and only for special occasions, hence lamb and ham for Easter, goose or turkey for Christmas. Meat and potatoes is an Americanism that came out of the prosperity of the post-war era when it became common to have meat with most

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People Places and Things

Scenes of Macy's Spring

Spring can be a fairly short season in New York City. Some years, blink and it’s summer. After the dreariness of Winter, people are eager to enjoy the warmer weather. As if to remind shoppers of the burgeoning growth outside, every Spring, the department store Macy’s (better known for their Thanksgiving Day parade) hosts a flower show. In flagship stores in a various cities, shoppers are treated to live flowers, plants and other displays. Hopefully, neither Macy’s green (foliage) nor the shopper’s green (money) went to

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Living the Life

A Taxing Day

“The only things certain in life are death and taxes” and April 15th is the due date for the latter in the United States. Both federal and state tax returns are due at 12 pm midnight. If you’re getting a refund, you may have filed early (though certain U.S. states will likely not process refunds any time soon), or you may be procrastinating like millions of others. Regardless, it’s a day spent of dusting off the calculator (or the accountant), collecting financial records and receipts and preparing that tax return. If you’re an expat, it may be several days as you may have to do more than one return for more than one country or

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Food for Thought

Calories Count

It’s a simple equation, calories in, energy out. If one exceeds the other then weight is either gained or lost. Throughout history (and in many parts of the world today), humans worked physically to get those calories and have often come up short. “Eat everything on your plate” is not just something your mother said, but something that generations of mothers all over the world said as they prepared — consciously or subconsciously — for times of

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