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Calories Count

It’s a simple equation, calories in, energy out. If one exceeds the other then weight is either gained or lost. Throughout history (and in many parts of the world today), humans  worked physically to get those calories and have often come up short. “Eat everything on your plate” is not just something your mother said, but something that generations of mothers all over the world said as they prepared — consciously or subconsciously — for times of lean.

Today getting calories can be as easy as reaching into the refrigerator or pantry. Not only is there a much greater variety of food items but many can exceed an average person’s daily caloric requirement in one serving. As you browse the images of these highly caloric food items on the This is Why You’re Fat blog, you’re probably equal parts appalled, amazed, and nauseous, but there’s likely a part of you wondering: how does it taste?


Meat lovers poutine at TPoutine

The highly caloric can be highly tasty and poutine is certainly one such food item. As a dish, poutine is a baby boomer, it was created in the ’50s in Quebec and cheese curds and gravy over french fries has been a Québécois specialty ever since. The name itself can mean “mess”, which is an apt description of the mix of textures, flavors and colors that arrive on order at New York’s TPoutine. This small eatery is located in New York’s Lower East Side and offers up a wide array of poutines from the Classic to flavor combinations like Tex Mex and Pot Pie. They even do a Treehugger vegetarian version. The Montreal smoked meat poutine is available only when the smoked meat is available — however, they do substitutions with bacon and sausage.

A good poutine should have a balanced ratio of cheese to gravy to fries. TPoutine understands this and serves theirs up so that the fries are not swimming in gravy and the white cheddar cheese curds are just melted enough to top everything off. TPoutine’s gravy is rich and flavorful if a bit on the salty side but that may very well be from the meat toppings of bacon and sausage.

The T in TPoutine is the name of Tierry the owner who certainly doesn’t look like someone who eats poutine on a daily basis (he does work out on a daily basis). Your metabolism may mean that poutine is an occasional indulgence but do let yourself indulge as these calories count up to a flavorful, tasty meal.


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