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Say What?

The 1963 movie adaptation of the 1950 book The Great Escape was based on the true story of POWs in World War II. 76 POWs escaped from the high-security prison Stalag Luft III in German-occupied Poland through an underground tunnel dug by the prisoners. In the movie, despite not being able to speak German or Polish, two of the characters were one bus ride away from freedom when they were caught by a suspicious German officer. He said “good luck” in English and despite the circumstances, the Scottish escapee replied

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City Essentials

Habitual Culture

We all have our routines: the coffee / tea in the morning, the weekly trip to the grocer / fruit stand / bodega. Once established, the familiar becomes the easy and comfortable way to get through the day. In a city full of people, these routines and habits (good or bad) can contribute to a city’s unique character. They’re probably not noticeable to the people who are living the life, but city habits are certainly something that expats may need to adjust to or

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Living the Life

The Good Neighbor

Moving is stressful. Once the decision has been made, and a new place has been found, there’s the physicality of the move — packing, sorting, transporting and the reverse. Something always gets broken or misplaced. For expats, there may be the added stress of a new job or a new culture to deal with. And without the comfort of friends, family and the familiar, it’s no wonder that moving ranks as a major stressful life event. Some of the factors of a move will eventually be resolved and can even be prepared for. However, neighbors are part of the roulette wheel of life — you won’t know until you

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People Places and Things

The Art of Art

Art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder and only limited by the creator’s imagination. Expats may find that their eye is challenged more often as they encounter artists who experiment outside of accepted or traditional forms. One of the advantages of living in a large cosmopolitan cities like New York is that art is easily accessible and can be viewed in museums, galleries, and many public places. There are enough venues to satisfy all tastes and awaken the art critic in us

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