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Sidewalk Catwalk

New York City is a center of fashion both in the creation and the adoption. Top fashion designers live in and have showrooms or flagship stores in NYC, which have been cropping up in the Meatpacking District and adding to the upscale flavor of that area. Up and comers study the subject at the Parsons the New School for Design or Fashion Institute of Technology. The West Village and Soho are havens for designers trying to make a name for themselves — all the small shops are a shopper’s paradise for those looking for something special and not off the rack. Every September, the city dresses up with Fashion Week where many designers show off their collections.

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Food for Thought

The Food Chain

Want a coffee? a burger? a pizza? There are as many options as there are variety of foodstuffs. However, more and more of the choices seem to be limited to franchised chains. In Manhattan, it’s as if there’s a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts on every other block — how much coffee or pastry goods can a person consume?

The chain mentality is not limited to cities in the United States. Many of the major brands have expanded into the global market so KFC in Eden Prairie, Minnesota should taste the same as the KFC in Beijing, China. Some expansions are more

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People Places and Things

Scenes of Coney Island

A summer holiday destination since the late 1800s, Coney Island is a blend of history, kitsch and carnival. On the south shore of Brooklyn, it’s an easy subway ride from Manhattan to Coney Island’s beach and boardwalk that is sun-lit all day long. In addition to the beach, there are amusement park rides, games and food, Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball, circus sideshows and acts, concerts and

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People Places and Things

Coney Island of Fun and History

No matter where you live, there is probably one holiday hot spot (or more than one) that everyone has heard of. It may be associated with many different activities or events but most would agree that there’s fun to be had. For more than a century, one such place is Coney Island in Brooklyn New

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