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While Christmas is one of the major religious celebrations of Christianity — the other being Easter — the holiday that commemorates the birth of Christ is promoted in many non-secular ways. Many Christmas traditions may have had their start as religious ceremonies or even pagan rites centered around the Winter Solstice.

In the United States, festive decorations may be seen immediately after Thanksgiving. Holly and evergreen are less symbols of Christ’s crown of thorns and eternal life but rather memory triggers for gift-giving. Similarly, the Christmas evergreen tree — part of pagan tree worship — now shelters gifts and presents.

In New York City, all the big department stores set up theme windows and special decorations for the holidays. Going to see the windows becomes part of the Christmas tradition for many New Yorkers. Smaller merchants may not have the same budget but imagination and creativity can dress up many displays. If the goal is to get shoppers to stop and entice them into the store then Christmas is definitely the most festive shopping season.

Enjoy some of these images of decorated New York. After all, Christmas is a season of giving and festive decorations are the merchants’ gift to shoppers.

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