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City Essentials

Personal Space

Living in a big city like New York means living with people. Outside of the home or office, personal space can be a premium. Personal space is more than just the touch perimeter between you and that stranger on the subway. Other senses are also

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City Essentials

City Sights and Sites

Every city has famous places, historic monuments and storied neighborhoods. These are usually the traditional tourist draws where the buses and the crowds stop to take the photos and record the moment that “X was here”. However, cities are not static, they are reflections of people who live, work and visit. For those with the time, meandering may be the best way to absorb the flavors of the city. Many city sights and sites are temporary or off the beaten track. Discovering them will become part of your city lore.


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City Essentials

Habitual Culture

We all have our routines: the coffee / tea in the morning, the weekly trip to the grocer / fruit stand / bodega. Once established, the familiar becomes the easy and comfortable way to get through the day. In a city full of people, these routines and habits (good or bad) can contribute to a city’s unique character. They’re probably not noticeable to the people who are living the life, but city habits are certainly something that expats may need to adjust to or

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City Essentials

Under Construction

National Geographic's New York Underground

New York is one of the oldest cities in North America. The Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam was established in what is now lower Manhattan in 1624. The infrastructure that supports the city: roads, waterworks, sewage, electricity etc., grew with the city and the technology. Much of the infrastructure is buried beneath our feet or on such a large scale that it becomes forest for the trees. Maintaining all of this requires planning, monitoring, and yes, money.

Once a structure goes up and is in use, most people don’t think too much about the upkeep. In

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