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Living the Life

Retiring Care

After a year of wrangling, the United States finally passed the health care reform bill. With a majority vote of 219 to 212 in the House (where every Republican member voted against it), the U.S. is no longer the ONLY industrialized nation without national health care policy. There will be more political deal-making as changes get fine-tuned– it’s already the Senate reconciliation package and vastly different from when first introduced, however, at least the first historic step has been

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Living the Life

The March of Progress

Even if you visit frequently, as an expat, you may be surprised at how much your home town can and has changed. It’s more than the new construction or the changing skyline. It could be a new bus or subway line, the new neighbors, the corner store that has closed and the new one that opened. The only thing that anyone can count on is that nothing stays the

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