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National Geographic's New York Underground

New York is one of the oldest cities in North America. The Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam was established in what is now lower Manhattan in 1624. The infrastructure that supports the city: roads, waterworks, sewage, electricity etc., grew with the city and the technology. Much of the infrastructure is buried beneath our feet or on such a large scale that it becomes forest for the trees. Maintaining all of this requires planning, monitoring, and yes, money.

Once a structure goes up and is in use, most people don’t think too much about the upkeep. In

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Living the Life

Bridging the Divide

There are five boroughs that make up New York City — the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Bounded by the Hudson and the East Rivers, the borough of Manhattan is an island and while other cities like Montreal, Paris, Vancouver, Toronto have islands that are part of the city, for many especially native New Yorkers, the island is the

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Spring Has Sprung

For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring (the season) can happen anytime between March and May. Any earlier and no one believes it’s Spring; any later and it might as well be Summer. In New York, Spring is a short season. Though both the Spring Solstice (March 21st) and Daylight Saving Time (2nd Sunday in March) are welcome events that bring more daylight, they do not define Spring. One of the definite signs of Spring in New York is

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Living the Life

The Expat Pet

The domestication of animals began when tribal humans realized how much easier it was to hunt with wolf-dogs. With the advent of agriculture and farming, the list of domesticated animals expanded to include those that can provide food and labor. In a sense, domesticated animals are expats too as they followed or were brought along as humans migrated or settled around the

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