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Living the Life

Deck the City

While Christmas is one of the major religious celebrations of Christianity — the other being Easter — the holiday that commemorates the birth of Christ is promoted in many non-secular ways. Many Christmas traditions may have had their start as religious ceremonies or even pagan rites centered around the Winter

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Living the Life


Every culture celebrates special occasions and holidays and whether secular or religious, these celebrations come with their own set of rituals and traditions. In the United States, Thanksgiving is arguably the biggest holiday and associated with many rites that can surprise and give expats

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Living the Life

Culture of One

Culture can be thought of as a set of behaviors or beliefs distinct to a group, and so trick or treating on All Hallows’ Eve, burning effigies for Guy Fawkes’ Day, Black Friday and/or Boxing Day shopping. Cuisine is definitely cultural as cooking styles and ingredient staples differ and religion or traditions have shaped celebrations and holidays all over the world. But where do these cultural behaviors come from? how do they get so ingrained that they become the expected and the normal?

Some cultural differences can be attributed to location and/or isolation. People living near the coasts are more likely

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Food for Thought

The Food Chain

Want a coffee? a burger? a pizza? There are as many options as there are variety of foodstuffs. However, more and more of the choices seem to be limited to franchised chains. In Manhattan, it’s as if there’s a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts on every other block — how much coffee or pastry goods can a person consume?

The chain mentality is not limited to cities in the United States. Many of the major brands have expanded into the global market so KFC in Eden Prairie, Minnesota should taste the same as the KFC in Beijing, China. Some expansions are more

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