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City Essentials

Habitual Culture

We all have our routines: the coffee / tea in the morning, the weekly trip to the grocer / fruit stand / bodega. Once established, the familiar becomes the easy and comfortable way to get through the day. In a city full of people, these routines and habits (good or bad) can contribute to a city’s unique character. They’re probably not noticeable to the people who are living the life, but city habits are certainly something that expats may need to adjust to or

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Food for Thought

Sugar and Spice

Every culture has its sweets. They may be the familiar Cs — candies, cookies, cakes, chocolates, confections — or the less familiar — nian goa, mochi, laddoo, basboosa. Satisfying a sweet tooth is a culinary adventure in cities like New York with its diverse ethnic cuisines and

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Living the Life

When in Rome

Living in a city means living amongst others and dealing with their attitudes, manners and habits. As an expat (or if you’ve traveled) you’ll know that what may be common and acceptable in one city or country can be frowned upon in

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Living the Life

Celebrating Tradition

By happy coincidence, Valentine’s Day, Lunar (Chinese) New Year and President’s Day are all happening this weekend. Depending on where you are and your circumstances, you may be celebrating all or none of these

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