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Scenes of Ellis Island

After years of restoration work, Ellis Island reopened to the public in 1990. The main building where immigrants-to-be were processed and interviewed is now an immigration museum. Restoration continues and is needed in other buildings and the grounds. Save Ellis Island is an organization that raises awareness and funds for the restoration and preservation of this important chapter of American history.

Ellis Island is well worth a visit especially for expats, immigrants and all those who can appreciate the sacrifices made by those early Americans. The only way to Ellis Island is by ferry and the best thing to do isĀ 

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People Places and Things

Ellis Island of Dreams

For many, history is a collection of dry and boring facts and figures. For others, history can be a self-reflection and revelation especially when it comes to one’s ancestry. For expats and immigrants, there is probably no greater historical tribute in the United States than Ellis Island, which served as the United States immigration station between 1892 and

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People Places and Things

The Rate of Exchange

All countries engaged in trade, whether for things like raw materials, commodities or products, or for the more intangibles like knowledge and culture. Usually trade is to the benefit of all parties and is more or less equal. A trade deficit exists when the flow of commodities and products is not in balance. A brain drain exists when people become expats and leave a country with their knowledge and

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Living the Life

A Longing Distance

Absence makes the heart grow fonder or so they say. It’s also true that memory wears rose-colored glasses. Long distances, whether time or space, affect relationships. Expats who are separated from loved ones need to work at nurturing and maintaining the ties that

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