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Games People Play

Schools and the park playgrounds are probably the first and best places to learn how to play. Playtime is universal and some children’s games have changed very little over the years. Hide and seek, tag, hopscotch, jump rope, red light/green light, red rover: these and other games don’t need a lot of equipment just a congregation of kids and a sunny day. So, what happens now that you’re all grown

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City Essentials

A Friend in Need

As children, making friends seem easy. Parents and teachers encourage it and you meet people your age all the time on the playground or at school. As an adult, and in a new city, things are not so simple. You’re the expat and natives have their established roots and social cliques. People tend to live within their own circles and routines; making changes require

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City Essentials

Make Like a Tourist

You’ve just relocated to a new city, whether it’s a new job or a new school, whatever the reason, you’ve left behind family, friends and the familiar. There’s no one with whom to try that new restaurant or coffee shop with; the local grocer is now a bodega and they don’t sell Coffee Crisps. It’s a daunting prospect especially if the move was not your choice. Still the new coffee shop may have WiFi and mocha Mondays and the bodega is open 24

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