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Ellis Island of History

Prior to 1954, the process and paperwork for immigrating and moving to the United States happened on Ellis Island — the immigration station and gateway to the U.S. When federal policies changed (potential expats and immigrants now apply at the embassies in the country of origin), Ellis Island was closed and abandoned. As part of the project for the centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty, public attention was drawn to Ellis

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Living the Life

Celebrating Tradition

By happy coincidence, Valentine’s Day, Lunar (Chinese) New Year and President’s Day are all happening this weekend. Depending on where you are and your circumstances, you may be celebrating all or none of these

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People Places and Things

The Time Capsule Effect

It used to be that most people live within ten miles of where they were born. If you’re reading this, you’re likely not most people. And no matter where you’ve relocated from, you’ve brought the where with you. It’s more than the language, habits and viewpoints. It’s as if the transplantation has been preserved in a time capsule. And the longer the time away, the more obvious the preservation.

NYC snowglobe: it's a souvenir, not a shrine.

It’s natural to have mementos, knick knacks and pictures that can bring “home” to mind. However, memories are not things and no matter how

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