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And the Oscar Goes To...

Of this year’s ten movies nominated for best picture at the 2010 Academy Awards (ten for 2010!), over half of them deal with themes that expats will recognize: alienation (literally and figuratively), and the concept of home. The merits of the films notwithstanding, Hollywood is a for-profit enterprise. A film can be artistic, profitable and popular, however, achieving this trifecta is easier with an identifiable concept like

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Every Time You Go Away

There are different reasons for becoming an expat. The relocation may be job- or school-related. Sometimes the reasons are more complicated or because of world events: war, famine, disaster. Not everyone has the luxury of having choices. For those who do, why do they choose to move? Are they naturally more adventurous? more open to new

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Speak American

New York, Boston, New Orleans — see them on a page and they’ll read the same, ask people to read them off the page and you may get: Noo Yawk, Bah-stun, N’awlins. Nothing places you like your accent and speech patterns. Whether it’s the dropped h, the drawn out a, or the ooout instead of out — English is a living language that continues to

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Living the Life

Are You a Native?

In a big city like New York, a lot of people are from somewhere else. Big cities have more opportunities whether it be jobs, education, or diversity and diversions. So if you’ve relocated, can you ever be a “native” in the

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