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A Longing Distance

Absence makes the heart grow fonder or so they say. It’s also true that memory wears rose-colored glasses. Long distances, whether time or space, affect relationships. Expats who are separated from loved ones need to work at nurturing and maintaining the ties that

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City Essentials

A Friend in Need

As children, making friends seem easy. Parents and teachers encourage it and you meet people your age all the time on the playground or at school. As an adult, and in a new city, things are not so simple. You’re the expat and natives have their established roots and social cliques. People tend to live within their own circles and routines; making changes require

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City Essentials

It's Just Around the Corner

Exploring a city can be a lot of fun and even if you have no set destination in mind, you still want to know where you are and how to to get to the next stop. You can ask for directions but ask three people and you can get three different answers. Worse is if you’re somewhere that you don’t want to be and there’s no one to ask. Technology to the rescue as all your answers are now just a call or click

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City Essentials

Change of Address

Moving is more than getting your personal belongings from there to here. You have to move / transfer your identity as

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