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City Essentials

City Sights and Sites

Every city has famous places, historic monuments and storied neighborhoods. These are usually the traditional tourist draws where the buses and the crowds stop to take the photos and record the moment that “X was here”. However, cities are not static, they are reflections of people who live, work and visit. For those with the time, meandering may be the best way to absorb the flavors of the city. Many city sights and sites are temporary or off the beaten track. Discovering them will become part of your city lore.


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Living the Life

When in Rome

Living in a city means living amongst others and dealing with their attitudes, manners and habits. As an expat (or if you’ve traveled) you’ll know that what may be common and acceptable in one city or country can be frowned upon in

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People Places and Things

Every Time You Go Away

There are different reasons for becoming an expat. The relocation may be job- or school-related. Sometimes the reasons are more complicated or because of world events: war, famine, disaster. Not everyone has the luxury of having choices. For those who do, why do they choose to move? Are they naturally more adventurous? more open to new

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People Places and Things

Planes, Trains and From There to Here

As an expat, you’re probably quite familiar with airports and train stations. After all, you likely passed through one of the these to come here from somewhere else. And when family and friends come to visit, you meet them at one of the travel hubs. Airports and train stations are great places to people watch. So many people pass through for so many reasons that the whole range of human emotions can probably be

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