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Living the Life

Whither Weather

With a few weeks left until Christmas, many are probably looking forward to the vaunted winter wonderland of white. After all: Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we have no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It

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Living the Life

Hot, Hazy, and Humid

With the longer daylight hours, the temptation is to take advantage, but the three Hs of summer — hot, hazy, and humid — can make stepping outdoors very unpleasant. Humidity isn’t fun but in combination with temperatures greater than 27°C (that’s 80 Fahrenheit for the non-metric), the air feels heavier and more oppressive. Humidity is the reverse of the winter windchill factor effect and can drive you into air conditioned places you’d otherwise not enter. Expats have to learn to adapt as when you move, the weather doesn’t move with

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People Places and Things

Scenes of Macy's Spring

Spring can be a fairly short season in New York City. Some years, blink and it’s summer. After the dreariness of Winter, people are eager to enjoy the warmer weather. As if to remind shoppers of the burgeoning growth outside, every Spring, the department store Macy’s (better known for their Thanksgiving Day parade) hosts a flower show. In flagship stores in a various cities, shoppers are treated to live flowers, plants and other displays. Hopefully, neither Macy’s green (foliage) nor the shopper’s green (money) went to

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Living the Life

Spring Has Sprung

For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring (the season) can happen anytime between March and May. Any earlier and no one believes it’s Spring; any later and it might as well be Summer. In New York, Spring is a short season. Though both the Spring Solstice (March 21st) and Daylight Saving Time (2nd Sunday in March) are welcome events that bring more daylight, they do not define Spring. One of the definite signs of Spring in New York is

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