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Living the Life

Bridging the Divide

There are five boroughs that make up New York City — the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Bounded by the Hudson and the East Rivers, the borough of Manhattan is an island and while other cities like Montreal, Paris, Vancouver, Toronto have islands that are part of the city, for many especially native New Yorkers, the island is the

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Living the Life

Retiring Care

After a year of wrangling, the United States finally passed the health care reform bill. With a majority vote of 219 to 212 in the House (where every Republican member voted against it), the U.S. is no longer the ONLY industrialized nation without national health care policy. There will be more political deal-making as changes get fine-tuned– it’s already the Senate reconciliation package and vastly different from when first introduced, however, at least the first historic step has been

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City Essentials

Staying Legal

In order to stay and work legally in the United States, you need a valid VISA, and it is your responsibility (not your lawyer’s or your human resources department’s) to keep track of and maintain your legal

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